I understand this continues to be thrown around by many people designers and designers. I simply got carried out with my companies intranet site using joomla 1.5 having a custom bulit template and modifying just about everything in joomla. It got me thinking basically ought to be utilizing an enterprise Content management systems rather than an free free Content management systems. I almost opted for wordpress, but the organization wanted joomla in order for there site. It had been an excellent that i can jump into another Content management systems and learn, but it is possible to better Content management systems available that intended for intranet or will it really matter whatsoever?

Try OpenAtrium, its free.

http://world wide web.openatrium.com

Nowadays things are known as a Content management systems - tools to keep websites, advanced sites, wiki's, and so forth. The needs for any "Content management systems" are drastically different for intranets and public websites, however.

Intranets usually have a superior degree of interaction, lot's of user produced content, different content types, and so forth. More customers have to have the ability to login somewhere (essentially everybody, not only this content editors) with various amounts of authorization and various roles generally. Collaboration generally is a lot more important compared to a typical "public" Content management systems based website.

In addition you can expect to want various kinds of plug ins. Google statistics and Search engine optimization are a smaller amount important, you would be interested in some active user wordpress plugin, recent guides, integration along with other internal tools (i.e. project management software) and perhaps subjecting other datasources (databases, telephone sites, filesystems with internal documents), and so forth.

During my personal expertise, Plone is a great choice. It offers the majority of the above as they are or through existing extensions and contains excellent integration options with exterior systems. Cyn.in also supplies a somewhat completer plone based solution.

If Plone's an excessive amount of for you personally, you could look at some wiki-like system, for example TWiki or MediaWiki

i've user very long time drupal, however i switching to wordpress ist a lot more easyer, if you do not wonne to produce a community or somethink such as this.