Presently I've got a custom tool which creates vanilla-SQL (only using standard SQL), from your Data-models that creates database schemas and initial data for the new databases, and do version patches, etc... This part is good at this time.

However running these SQL scripts against all of the different databases (different suppliers) is really a discomfort, and so i authored up a fast little Php script some time back that will it for me personally, but I'm wondering if there's much better fix for your problem?


I personally use SQL Developer, it is awesome.

It runs in almost any plataform (is really a Java application), you can connect with any database vendor and it is free.

I personally use Squirrel, like SQL Developer it's a java application that is free.


SQuirreL SQL Client is really a graphical Java program that will help you to see the structure of the JDBC compliant database, see the data in tables, problem SQL instructions.

Download and Installation