My research group utilizes a Wordpress blog. Frequently I would like publish clips as well as entire short programs I have been focusing on into it, with many of my code being designed in C/C++ or scripting languages (Party, TCL, etc).

I figure there need to be good quality extensions to Wordpress to colorify code since a lot of people utilize it. I am searching for something such as StackOverflow's colorizing system, though I recognize it might not be rather as robust!

Are you able to point me with a of the faves/those you believe are most dependable?

Thanks ahead of time!

It was the very first I looked into after i began a Wordpress blog. You should use Wordpress' sourcecode shortcode, as summarized here. It takes JavaScript around the client side (otherwise it renders as just preformatted text).

Cheers &lifier hth.,

GeSHi is a great after sales for highlighting many different languages. You will find Wordpress plug ins that support it, however i do not have a particular recommendation. (I personally use GeSHi for the wiki.)

You could also consider Pastie or Gist in an effort to share clips.