I am a Java programmer who's focusing on an apple iphone application. I'd want it to use Push Notification services.

I initially thought I possibly could use Google Application Engine to supply the payloads to Apple, however i see since it will not be possible because Application Engine does not offer the low-level socket programming that's required to contact Apple.

What are the options to Google Application Engine that allow me to use Java?

In brief, I am wondering if there's a totally free hosting platform that supports Java and Socket Programming

UPDATE - since penning this question I have written an application that utilizes Urban Airship to do something like a middleman between GAE and APNS. It really works just swell. There's an application engine problem about this - http://code.google.com/p/googleappengine/issues/detail?id=1164 if you want to follow, but personally I have made the decision this is not really something which GAE ought to be doing. Don't use anything but Urban Airship.

Urban Airship provide Peaceful web services for delivering apple iphone push notices. This cook book example shows using it from GAE using Python I suppose this is often completed in Java also.

Though up to now it's vaporware, keep close track of Application Inform too. Urban Airship looks pretty awesome, but doing the mathematics during my mind, I'd finish up having to pay them 100s of dollars per month to have an application that I'd possess a difficult time selling in excess of $.99.

Like Justin stated (thanks random evangelist), AppNotify is starting closer to the finish of the month. We are just completing a couple of admin screens and doing a bit of final tests. The prices will improve structured than Urban Airship, with a far greater interface.

If you would like something particularly or even more info, send me a contact personally at adam.m@selectstartstudios.com

We are utilizing it to build up our very own items, but when we have skipped a large part situation Let me learn about it.

Best of luck

You are able to do-it-yourself by having an Amazon . com EC2 cluster. There is a nice Eclipse wordpress plugin for easily breeding Tomcat instances and remote debugging Java programs.

It can be done easily from BeeSphere Cloud Service Bus. There is a powerfull internet based development tools to produce Cloud services and programs while using java language. There's many lessons much like your situation.

You may also check and follow these men. It appears they're focusing on different stuff onto APNS integration. take a look at ns4app

Edit : They're transformed their names and items ? forget these link. Take a look at MonoPush Project