So, I have seen web-developers writing within their CV they create "Search engine optimization friendly sites. ". Also I heard that Wordpress is Search engine optimization friendly site along with other CMSs.

So, exactly what does Search engine optimization friendly site mean? I realize, that game titles and Web addresses are most likely the most crucial things to make good positions in the search engines, but can there be every other things that we ought to know?


An internet site is known as 'search engine optimized' when the developer focussed this design criteria and also the website is simple to parse for that GoogleBot and other alike spiders that are indexing the website. Here are a few (nobody knows these) hints how you can optimize your web page:

  • significant Web addresses
  • significant title tags (different on each and every page)
  • valid and clean (X)HTML (=> better to parse through the robots)
  • real content which uses the emphasized frequently but naturally
  • no expensive, frames with no relevant text that is only in images

You will find 100s more techniques. You are able to search for them using Google, you will find several papers about this released by Google itself. Also you could utilize the Google Website owner Center inclunding some helpful tools.

Growing on rami's answer just a little, it is not just neat and valid [X]HTML that counts, it is also the way the document is structured.

Here is a fine example:


   <b>My primary idea, which search engines like google will treat like every other content</b>

   Wow, all my poor text is totally from context :(



<h1>My primary idea, which search engines like google will treat like a primary idea!</h1>

<p>Now search engines like google understand my supporting text better still!</p>

<h2>Use tags because they were intended</h2>

<p>And all your text is indexed far better</p>

I observe that mistake made a lot more than most others. Services like w3c should have the ability to extract a plan of the document, based exclusively in your tags also it should directly fall into line with what you're attempting to present.

Wordpress does well not only due to SE friendly URL's, meta data, and so on. it will mainly because it organizes this content of every page properly without just valid, but semantically correct XHTML.

At this time, you'd have just as much luck determining "Web 2 . 0.Inch with any amount of precision. It is a buzzword, so people set it up. When I have seen it, this means everything from "works together with Google advertisements" to "enables you to definitely classify your items" to "reduces the length of Web addresses".

I believe the initial meaning (as others have stated) is your site might be easily traversed and planned with a webcrawler.

it mainly describes on-page Search engine optimization

this essentially covers the items a programmer can perform in code to enhance a websites ranking on say google

this can be a fundamental listing of search engine optimization checkpoints that will go a lengthy way towards creating a website search engine optimization-friendly:

alt text

source article: Minimum On-Page Search engine optimization


Search engine optimization means Seo.

Search engine optimization website is site which has it's content enhanced for internet search engine visibility for relevant terms (key phrases). Search engine optimization is really a buzzword and also, since each internet search engine has different calculations accustomed to crawl and classify your website, there's no universal method in which defines how Search engine optimization ought to be applied.

Essentially, you need to keep the:

  • content accessible without needing JavaScript
  • HTML valid (conforming to HTML standards)
  • structure content therefore it correctly distributes key phrases in text
  • make all pages accessible through backlinks in your site and through sitemaps
  • use neat and significant URL's

Main point here, content remains the king and it has content ease of access like a full, all of the technical stuff ought to be done as recommended by related standards anyway.