I understand the question on which the very best Rails host continues to be requested and talked about before, but I am searching more for advice with my specific scenario.

I've got a SyncML server that needs no less than 512MB RAM that I wish to hook up to and including Ruby on Rails front-end. I am likely to be utilizing a Linux atmosphere for everyone these. What I am assembling now is simply a prototype and so i do not require high bandwidth or an excessive amount of storage, but scalability is essential because I'd rather not have to find a hosting provider later.

I have presently got the SyncML server set on a Godaddy VPS, but to host the Rails application I heard its best to get it done elsewhere. Will it be smart to just keep your VPS and employ something similar to Google Application Engine, or Heroku for that RoR application and fasten both? Personally, i don't believe its smart to have things on different systems. The RoR application needs to speak to a MySQL server, which talks towards the SyncML server.

What's the easiest method to build a storage shed at this time (Shared/VPS)? Which hosting provider would you recommend?

I do not mind needing to setup the equipment for RoR myself, although if it is ready its always better.

I have been searching at Slicehost, Rackspace Cloud, RailsPlayground, HostingRails, and Site5.


Because of your reactions I have removed Site5 in the listing of challengers, however i really found another company known as Serveraxis. Anybody heard about them, could they be worthwhile? Aren't able to find reviews...


Is Cloud hosting great for something similar to this, in the beginning of development? I do not require lots of bandwidth, my only requirement is the fact that 512mb of RAM for that SyncML server.

Heroku completely. They're so awesome!


  • Slicehost is my personal favorite VPS hosting provider undoubtedly. Highly suggested. Their manager web interface is excellent. They simply work.
  • Heroku is fairly awesome too for the things they're doing, however they obtain a little pricey when you expand at night fundamentals. Make it possible for their scaling architecture, they impose additional constraints in your application that you simply might be prepared to cope with (PostgreSQL only, read-only filesystem, special atmosphere variables, etc). Heroku continues to be super compelling.

Should you must

Generally, I do not recommend a shared atmosphere for any Rails application. Rails needs memory and shared hosts aren't frequently generous. Also, you are not guaranteed any slice from the CPU on the shared host, and also the servers are frequently oversold and running above normal load levels. Regardless...

  • Dreamhost may serve as an inexpensive Rails hosting environent, and they've upgrades for virtual private hosting when it's needed, but simply be familiar with the disadvantages of managing a Rails application inside a shared atmosphere.


  • Site5 went lower hill on customer care in the last many years. They was previously an excellent hosting that is shared atmosphere, however i won't ever recommend them again. Multiple black outs, overloaded servers, slow and unhelpful support. Certainly avoid for any Rails application.

I operate a couple rails applications on the 256mb VPS on slicehost, only good stuff to express. You are able to expand the memory afterwards anytime you have to with little hassle, too.