I believed to begin researching about OO-DBMS performance for Java programs to make use of being produced situations. Have you have effective experience utilizing an OO-DBMS for Java as opposed to a RDMBS? If that's the case, what dbms have you use?

Not a chance. I've been not able to locate any OO-DBMS that could be utilized. So our current solution uses Postgresql as sql database, after which Torque(http://db.apache.org/torque/) being an oo-mapper.

It has reduced the sql within our website code by around 90%, because torque automatic are designed for the majority of the load/store of objects for me personally.

However I still need to write some sql after i need advanced queries in the database.

Oh and when you need to do find any OO-DBMS which may be utilized in production with java, please update this together with your result. I must make use of an OO-DBMS inside your next project :