I'm creating a website using asp.internet which website will host customers images and can provide them with choices to edit these images by resizing, popping, watermarking,....

I'm considering 2 methods to save images and wish anyone to recommend one or advice me with different things better.

1- The consumer will upload his images, i'll insert them in a folder known as "original" then your user will edit these image, i'll place the edited images inside a folder known as "edited" will also have another folder known as "thumb" will contain pictures from all of these images for previewing online.

2- Following the user upload his images i'll insert them in a folder, and that i helps you to save the edits he did on these images and that i will apply these edits quickly each time the web site request an edited image, for instance will be sending the look with a http handler, like this i'll save space around the server.

Now i wish to know which approach is much better

And just how it's completed in an internet site for example flikr, does flikr save the pictures in various dimensions or re-size them on request?

# 1 seems like what you want. Should cause less head aches too. Certainly keep your original image if space enables. Also, take into account that by using this approach, if you would have the ability to link straight to edited images should you wanted, instead of possess a script process every image that will get shipped.