I've a credit card applicatoin that always is located on the Home windows 2003 Apache Tomcat server and combines with clients websites. I was considering using Amazon's EC2 service as a substitute therefore we can function inside a foreseeable hosting atmosphere. Regrettably, as well as for apparent reasons, you simply get 5 Elastic IP addresses (static ip addresses) and so i am left searching for a method to effectively run multiple cases of the application on a single server in Apache Tomcat; I haven't needed to run multiple cases of an application Apache Tomcat, how difficult is?

More applications per tomcat. You simply have 1 tomcat, with increased applications within the webapps folder.

They ought to have in a different way named wars. As lengthy because they don't open network ports themselves that needs to be it. Otherwise they (the network ports your application opens inside your code) have to be set up, result in a port can't readily be shared by 2 webapps. You might have challenge with log4j. If you are using that allow it to be referred to as you'd have to configure some log4j qualities then.

More tomcats. You've a lot more than 1 tomcat, with 1 or even more applications within the webapps folder.

The server.xml of tomcat should specify different ports. Tomcat A should listen on other ports than Tomcat B. It's my job to copy the whole tomcat directory and customize the ports in server.xml (A ports 8009, 8080, 8443, B ports 9009, 9080, 9443 and so forth).