I am super a new comer to programming and I have used appengine that helped me to learn python and general coding. I am improving rapidly and I am loving it completely :)

Appengine was awesome for permitting me to simply dive into writing my application and becoming something live that actually works (see http://world wide web.7bks.com/). But I am understanding the longer I still start learning on appengine the greater I am constraining myself and securing myself right into a single system.

Let me proceed to developing on full django (since django looks super awesome!). What exactly are my next steps? To provide you with an understanding for my degree of understanding:

  • I am not really a unix user
  • I am unfamiliar with command line controls (I still use appengine/python completely through the appengine SDK)
  • I have never designed in anything apart from python, anywhere apart from appengine
  • I understand the term SQL, such as the understand what MySQL is actually or using it.

So, particularly:

  • Do you know the abilities I have to learn how to get ready to go with full django/python?
  • If I am likely to host elsewhere I guess I'll should try to learn some sysadmin type abilities (possibly even unix?). Can there be anywhere that provides easy hosting (like appengine) but that supports django?
  • I hear such advantages of heroku I am thinking about switching to RoR on and on there

I appreciate that I am likely less than prepared to get off appengine at this time but I am a very passionate student (http://world wide web.7bks.com/blog/179001) and want it basically understood all of the steps I desired to understand and so i could go about learning them. Right now, I do not know exactly what the steps are I have to learn!

Thanks greatly. Sorry this is not a particular programming question but I have looked around and haven't found a great how-to for somebody of my degree of experience and i believe others would appreciate a great roadmap for that things we have to learn how to get ready to go.



PS - if anybody is within London and fancies showing me the ropes personally that might be super awesome :)

Why is you believe you are being locked right into a single platform? Are you aware that Google's Application Engine SDK is free? Also, you will find colleges along with other organizations who're focusing on building platforms which will make use of the Application Engine SDK outdoors from the context of Google? Amazon . com EC2 can also be able to running Application Engine's SDK inside a limited capacity. I'd say lock-was possibly not the best word to make use of.

Furthermore, In my opinion AppEngine will still improve as time continues. Bing is the best choice from the Internet they have done excellent achievements and can continue doing so. In my opinion that anybody who stays using their platform like a service are experiencing these great benefits within the a long time.

In case your reasoning for moving is purely academic, I'd suggest beginning a brand new project. Moving from AppEngine's SDK is comparable to switching in one framework to a different with an already-built application. As with any framework or platform, you will find dependencies that must definitely be worked with to be able to effectively migrate the application from platform A to platform B.

django-nonrel causes it to be possible to operate Django on the internet AppEngine: http://world wide web.allbuttonspressed.com/projects/django-nonrel

Beside there is available a few cloud offers like djangy https://world wide web.djangy.com/

With both options you are able to concentrate on Django and Python programming and do not have to worry about the sysadmin stuff.

About the django home page there's an excellent tutorial to obtain began with django development: http://paperwork.djangoproject.com/en/1.2/intro/tutorial01/