I am creating many child classes in one parent class in javascript. Each child will represent some products that view this site diversely. To date I've these:

Listing.js          // parent class
ListingCellphone.js // cell phones like the iPhone
ListingIPad.js      // Apple iPad
Listing????.js      // Desktop + laptop computer

I'm getting trouble creating the reputation for the kid class that handles individuals who see the website via a Desktop or Laptop. What's the correct word on their behalf? I have considered the next, however they aren't quite right:

ListingPC.js       // PC's don't include Macs
ListingComputer.js // Isn't the iPad just a weak computer?
ListingPowerful.js // What if one day mobile devices are just as powerful as laptops?


I'd certainly election ListingComputer. Yes, technically an iPad is really a computer, however again, same with a calculator. In keeping usage, I'd state that when many people hear the term "computer," they think about whether desktop or perhaps a laptop. After I am departing the home, I'd never say "allow me to grab my computer" when I am speaking about getting my iPad.

I do not believe there's one. Use ListingDesktopLaptop.js.

PersonalComputer precisely defines your class. If you are uncomfortable using the abbreviation, maybe go ahead and take full title to eliminate undesirable associations?

If this sounds like associated with a significance: The English wikipedia views the word "Pc" to incorporate non-Home windows systems.

wow, all of you have serious anti-mac bitterness/envy issues (haters much?). It appears thou dost protest an excessive amount of -- this is an ad campaign, with no apple did not invent the word "PC" to touch on particularly to win-computer systems (take a look at game packaging from way in 1993: platform is recognized as "PC" or "Mac". Sigh.