I've got a Microsoft ASP.Internet MVC web application with SQL Server 2008. Presently running on one server, performance is affordable. However now have to deploy exactly the same application to aid much greater volumes - 10,000 fundamental orders each week.

In my opinion which i will require another database server and a couple of web-servers.

Basically host at somewhere like 1&1 or Rackspace I presume they'll advise. However I'd like an idea before I start any discussions.

An area I am unsure about may be the home windows server versions I ought to be utilising, CPU/memory needs, whether these hosting companies offer load-balancing and types of costs involved.

Any help appreciated :-)

Hm, your final answer doesn't appear to become possible here. What I'd do:

  1. understand and document your non-functional needs. E.g. exactly what does 10,000 orders each week mean? Think about transactions/second, concurrent/customers, needed uptime, storage
  2. You're in the great position of getting a credit card applicatoin available. Execute a benchmark (load test) to define your present condition baseline and also to answer the question of the number of orders you are able to accommodate today. Should you collected these details you are able to carry out some analysis and find out where your bottleneck is. You may can increase throughput by e.g. optimizing some SQL queries, etc.
  3. Verify that the application architecture supports scale-out. Perhaps you have such things as schedulers that you've to synchronize inside a clustered atmosphere. Another example is direct file system access from inside your internet server which might need you to have shared storage (SAN, etc.)

Regarding versions/CPU/memory: I truly cannot answer this. Carrying out your baseline test allows you to definitely get a concept of the thing you need. Software versions really rely on that which you do at length and what your atmosphere supports.

Generally I am unable to visit a reason not to using W2K8R2 and SQL2008, however, it is dependent mainly in your application architecture. You may use certain components unavailableOrbacked anymore around the more recent MSFT software stack. If this sounds like a Microsoft shop you can take a look at Microsoft Azure.