I wish to store comment formatting in certain markup language within our DB. However, you want to allow multiple formatting languages (markdown, textile, restructuredText). It appears we ought to store a superset of the features, to ensure that we are able to convert together.

  • Will the work?
  • Can there be this type of superset?
  • Exist libraries to change together?
  • It is possible to more structured format we ought to keep comments in, within the DB?

(Python/Google Application Engine whether it matters)

Have you thought about something simpler: storing your comments ought to within their original form, along with an additional column saying which format it's saved in (markdown, textile, etc...)?

I'd believe that any superset is either likely to lead to some lack of information by storing only one of the numerous possible various ways the syntax could be designed in a particular markup otherwise it will likely be too complicated because it attempts to permit all of the possible encodings of the specific syntax in most the allowable markups.