I am searching around free of charge Mercurial hosting for any small-scale open-source project.
Have you ever used this type of service, who's doing the hosting, and can you recommend them?

I understand SF.internet could be setup to host HG repos, however it appears like lots of trouble (for the advantage of getting a large, known, service that's unlikely to visit lower in the near future).

Additionally, there are the listing of free HG hosts in Mercurial's official documentation, but Let me listen to individuals that really got lower and dirty by using it :-)

BitBucket is the most popular. I have played around with it for while, i quickly leaped into git.

I personally use Bitbucket for a lot of Free projects and am happy by using it, too.

sourceforge.internet just added Mercurial, Bazaar and Git support.

This wasn't the situation if this question was initially requested, consider The month of january 2010 Microsoft's CodePlex can host Mercurial databases too.

Have you thought about using Project Kenai? I've a merchant account but haven't located any projects there and so i can't discuss the standard and services information.

For small code good examples and when you do not need a wiki and stuff, you could attempt http://freehg.org else you need to give http://world wide web.sharesource.org an opportunity. Or simply use Mercurial as intended by posting your source decentralized with other designers while using integrated webserver for instance :).

Bitbucket is the greatest hoster i've experienced to date.

The service is fast and rock-solid and also the staff becomes manifest pretty quickly at addressing any itch you may have.