I am presently subclassing TDataset for my job. However the possible lack of documentation on the operation is causeing this to be harder than it ought to be.

I am presently wondering what InternalInsert and InternalAddRecord must do?

And if anybody can point me to some good guide that is not Custom Dataset or even the Keeping Hold of Your Things series or Datasets without databases. That might be much appreciated

The tiOPF framework (OR Mapper) has a means to make use of an objectlist like a dataset. They've all of the techniques implemented, so it may be worth ckecking the source (it's all regulated free).

The origin for his or her TtiCustomDataset (subclassed from TDataset) van be located here: http://tiopf.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/tiopf/tiOPF2/Trunk/Options/tiDataset.pas?revision=1544&view=markup