My co-workers and that i are searching for alternative client tools for Mac OS X.

I am inclined to like the text-based interface and that we have PHPMyAdmin placed on our development servers (Linux).

What exactly are your recommendations?

(One recommendation per answer please, so people can up-mod individual recommendations).

There's also Follow up Professional (free, free, formerly known as "CocoaMySql")

I'd say Navicat is first rate.

That one is expensive... but it's the very best that I've ever employed for MySQL in OS X (the cost is pretty good whatsoever). I have tried personally all the others pointed out in this article (MySQL GUI, CocoaMySQL, YourSQL, SQL Editor and PHPMyAdmin).

It offers a superior just about everything that Microsoft gives within their "Management Studio" product.

Basically would select a second place holder, it might be PHPMyAdmin. Please tell me if you want more particulars.

Follow up Professional is not bad, and it is free. At this time I am using Querious though. It's certainly the very best searching client from the ones I have seen, and although will still be in beta it has not triggered me any problems yet.

Since I Have cannot comment, CocoaMySQL has become referred to as Follow up Professional.

The state contribution from MySQL themselves "MySQL Work bench" is most definitely improving! Version 5.2.17 may be the current by writing, also it got from design and visualization to aid for performing SQL and viewing results.

Mix platform, so pick your poison :)

YourSQL (free) is fairly good.

I have been pretty happy with SQL Editor. It supports ERD diagrams, and creating diagrams from live database schemas. You may also generate your schema from the tool also. On the internet site:

Key Features

  • Visual editing, including drag and drop
    • Live source view - the SQL source changes while you edit the diagram
    • Ruby On Rails Migrations - SQLEditor can export them and today (in v1.4) import them as well!
    • With SQLEditor's reverse engineering you are able to import existing databases to diagram and SQLEditor can create an ER diagram for you personally.
    • Once you have produced your diagram you are able to export it directly via JDBC to one of many supported database systems including Postgresql, Oracle® and MySQL®.
    • It can save you your database for an SQL instruction (DDL) apply for immediate experience remote servers or along with other tools.
    • Import existing DDL files straight into SQLEditor
    • Copy to import and export supported SQL back and forth from SQLEditor
    • You are able to print designs to ensure that you can observe your database on the wall.1 SQLEditor will also support PDF output for simple discussing.

/usr/local/bin/mysql obviously! What else do you want? :-)

The MySql GUI (free) in the same individuals who released the database are very good too :)

If you are running Parallels or VMWare, SQLyog is really a terrific GUI. It's almost worth using individuals applications simply to run SQLyog, so when I had been going full-time heavy database development, it's things i used. Nothing around the Mac platform comes close, a minimum of for a way Sometimes.

We have found RazorSQL to become helpful also.