I am beginning a project having a client to construct an internet application and I am a little stuck which solution to choose.

I have used Joomla for a lot of clients previously, but this client has specific demands which i KNOW I am going to need to build myself.

The issue I am facing is the fact that Sometimes full-time underneath the .Internet spectrum even though I'm a novice developer in PHP, and I have been studying Joomla's connect architecture for around per month now, I'm a much more comfortable building something in ASP.Internet than I'm in PHP.

My real question is, what OS projects are available that have the identical community following as Joomla/Mambo/Drupal, together with a connect architecture that's somewhat similar to Joomla too?

I do not genuinely have time to construct out a complete blown Content management systems system in ASP.Internet, but when something already is available that may produce X% (25%, 50%, something) of the items Joomla has which will a minimum of get me on the right track. Joomla merely has a lot of extensions and an excessive amount of a residential area backing that i can pass up if there isn't something comparable within the ASP.Internet realm.

I have use (and battled with) DotNetNuke.

Additionally, there are Umbraco that I have heard good stuff about :)

N2 looks quite nice, I've not used it though: http://n2cms.com/

Take a look at Cuyahoga

May be worth considering Graffiti

Although it isn't free, it's .Internet based and it has an easy theme engine and wordpress plugin architecture. It does not have as huge followers as the kind of Drupal, but it is quite simple to setup and fits your present skillset if this involves stretching it.

Update: Graffiti has become free.

There's mojoPortal.

It appears it is not as "large" as DotNetNuke (for instance), however it has a great deal of features:

  • Blogs, Forums, Event Calendar, Google Maps, Photo Art galleries, e-commerce, Secure File Discussing, E-newsletter, Surveys, Polls,

Telerik includes a community edition of the SiteFinity Content management systems system. While I have had great knowledge about RadControls, I can not attest to SiteFinity. It might be worth looking at though, as Telerik has great support for his or her items.

This maybe a level bigger stretch, but Take advantage of Connery's (the SubSonic guy) MVC Store has good Content management systems / content posting capacity which has a wordpress plugin architeture. He's released a number of screencasts that center around its capacity. Take advantage of gave a preview from the capacity at MIX.

Umbraco is great. It utilizes a simular node structure to drupal and incredibly simple to extend through custom user controls or XSLT. Also i have discovered that my client who're not probably the most computer literate individuals have found the umbraco interface simple to use.

additionally to N2, pointed out above (which i'm a large fan), there's a choice (for really brave souls!) to operate Drupal on the top of .Internet with Phalanger compiler -- it takes several patches to Phalanger and a minimum of one fix to Drupal itself (session cookie handling stuff, more specifically). In exchange, you will get a performance bust plus all of the treats of .Internet development tools.