I am writing a credit card applicatoin on your own, I'm not confident which to make use of.

  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • NHibernate
  • Gentle.Internet
  • Other

Any guidance or opinions around the pros and cons for each could be useful.

Off the top my mind:

  • NHibernate - Which i've experience using and that i feel is the best for most reasons, however I am biased. Free port of Java's Hibernate.
  • LLBLGen - Full fledged ORM by Frans Bouma.
  • Subsonic - free project brought by Take advantage of Conery. Ideal for more compact scale projects, a minimum of until LINQ to SQL arrived (summary opinion!).
  • Microsoft Entity Framework
  • ObjectMapper.Internet

We use NHibernate, due to the fact:

  • It supports other databases, within our situation Oracle. Linq to SQL and EntityFramework support only SQLServer as they are
  • Utilization of POCO objects. You don't have to put any characteristics or any other markup within your class.
  • Many side projects. There's for instance one project (Fluent NHibernate) that replaces the mapping xml file having a class implementation, or perhaps an Linq implemenation for Nhibernate.

LightSpeed is excellent and that we have experienced success by using it previously.

I'd not recomend LINQ to SQL because it is associated with SQL Server and just supports Table Per Hierarchy.

Use Entity Framework or NHibernate if you fail to hand out the additional cash for LightSpeed. NHibernate includes a learning curve though while with Entity Framework you're all set. NHibernate supports POCO objects, if you curently have an item model in position, NHibernate is what you want.

Since nobody pointed out it yet, Among the finest to toss in Genome.

I've done a "large" effective project (multi-million, many years, >10 designers) that we chose Genome as persistence solution.

Obviously it has been some years back, when ORM within the .Internet-space would be a relative new factor.

I had been accountable for the information-access from the project, and Genome created a very neat impression. Today I'm working in a lot with Hibernate within the Java-space, and from the developer perspective Genome appeared a lot more intuitive (despite the fact that it features a different architectural philosophy and for that reason cant be in comparison directly).

Genome is really a commercial product. Genome has developed a great deal. Today it states be fully LINQ-compliant. Basically could be ready of evaluating a ORM-solution for .Internet I'd certainly take a look at Genome again.

Another commercial product, not pointed out yet is Telerik Open Access (formerly Vanatec Open Access).