I am looking for ab - Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool for Ubuntu, I am wishing there is a package I'm able to install for this. I made the decision I have to add in some load testing on my small programs.

% sudo apt-get install apache2-utils
The command-not-found package in Ubuntu provides some clever functionality where should you type an order that can not be resolved for an executable (or party function or whatever) it'll query your apt sources and discover a package that consists of the binary you attempted to complete. So, within this situation, I typed ab in the command prompt:

% ab

This program 'ab' is presently not installed.  You are able to do the installation by typing:

sudo apt-get install apache2-utils

party: ab: command not found

A different way to look for missing files, e.g. if you are using zsh, wish to disable command-not-found (slows things lower whenever you misstype commandnames), or are searching for personal files that's no executable:

$ sudo aptitude install apt-file

$ sudo apt-file update

$ apt-file search bin/ab