Which php sites can you recommend following for php news, new free projects, some that have been in existence for some time, etc.

Just searching to remain on the surface of the php industry as well as find new methods and more to create my programming existence simpler :)


I love PHPDeveloper, PHP Framweorks News not to mention PHP official site.

I usually found http://world wide web.phpclasses.org/ helpful. Haven't checked it shortly but it is worth a go.


I believe the Zend Developer Zone is a great place too to remain on surface of what's happening.

I'm able to recommend http://world wide web.planet-php.org. They've aggregated many interesting PHP related sources into one feed.

dzone got fresh links posted by customers, u will find lotsa php related things there too

I have found Devshed to become pretty helpful. Their lessons happen to be very straightforward and simple to follow.

I really like php frameworks

Listed here are those sites I frequent when it comes to PHP development, taken completely from my bookmarks:

I'd increase the, but it would be unfair on other customers that may increase the using their links.

It may be apparent, but php.internet is without a doubt excellent reference. Search too (apparent also). It's maybe wise decision to see source code of a common application thouroughly and also to search for clarification of what's not obvious. (There many php applications they are available in).

Books and articles are great for clarification of the items you are conscious of, and for getting conscious of that which you don't know.