I've been request to produce a type of family site in which a relative can publish essays and photos of numerous family people (mostly forefathers).

Faced with scores of private information for example birthdate, host to birth, date of marriage and so forth, it got me wondering simply how much of this ought to be made readily available on the internet. I'll be putting password protection on the website therefore it will not be completely available to everybody.

What exactly are your ideas about this?

  • Is is sufficient to hide personal particulars for living persons and display everything for that dead?
  • How can you have the ability to tame the geek in your soul which really wants to fit everything in technically possible and rather do what's 'proper'?
  • It is possible to record with this type of problem?

The very first you've to check out reaches the laws and regulations of the country. In The country we've the LPD (data protection law) wich let it store sensible data, but permitting the consumer to change or remove it, and never comunicate it with no permission from the user. Also you've to create a good purchase of security. During my personal opinion, I believe it's not necessary to show any sensible data, national Id, exact home location, bank data... I will not show it when the people is alive or if it's dead since it may reveal sensible data from the group of the dead. Regardless I believe the very best idea is make an adeal using the client, and spot the user a policy that'll be put on the information.

The most crucial question you have to response is this: How could a very devoted person abuse the data? I do not mean somebody that stumbles upon your website, I am talking about someone who would like to ruin your customers: an obsessed person, ex-spouse or ex-wife. These folks goes to great measures to develop creative uses of your computer data like subtracting genetic illnesses in the life styles from the forefathers, trying to look for the financial background of somebody depending on how much cash they have to have inherited, etc.

Clearly, this can not be clarified. If you think you have made some thing fool-proof, the world pops up having a better fool. And So I would create this website like a secure storage where just the customers can easily see the things they put there. No discussing from the data ought to be supported or allowed.

Confer with your customers and obtain feedback relating to this problem. What exactly are their ideas? Afterall, if there's a backlash, it will likely be these folks you need to keep happy.

My primary thought would be that the quantity of information available will most likely rely on the wishes from the family people.

However, to implement a granual system like the one utilized by Facebook's will be a difficult to build and could decelerate your development time.

In France, the title of you might 't be released. Really, it might not be saved inside a computer with no explicit declaration to some devoted authority named CNIL.

In the site:

Founded through the law of The month of january 6, 1978, the CNIL is definitely an independent administrative authority safeguarding privacy and private data.

I'd suggest you place up a Online Privacy Policy. You will find lots of websites who will help you with this particular, ot you can go and find out an attorney who can help you set one up. You can then host this Online Privacy Policy in your website, that could be utilized using a link anytime.

Including the Online Privacy Policy will make sure that:

  • You've get permission to make use of this private information
  • Other going to your site aren't permitted to consider these details away and employ it elsewhere.

After that you can make certain that anybody going to your site who makes its way into in private information, photos etc needs to tick a box to accept the Online Privacy Policy.