NoSQL are an alternative choice to RDBMS, that really work with simple data models holding huge volumes of information. MongoDB, Google's BigTable, Dojo's Persevere, Amazon's Dynamo, Facebook's Cassandra are a handful of good examples. Would you condition your preferred application/IDE that may manage (i.e. place or query data) such databases?

NoSQL database are in their childhood, you will find no real controlling programs i know of, but many nosql database provide some type of an cli-tool to have interaction using the database.
Developing such controlling programs can also be non trivial, in SQL based systems with indexes you are able to show efficient all of the rows starting with the foremost and ending using the n-th row of the table that contains m rows (n < m)
But NoSQL database mostly are Key-Value-Stores having a hashtable-research, so you will never look efficient in the first n data sets.

Sure there's are exceptions like Redis and MongoDB which offer some type of sorted sets and indexes, but they're truly the exception.
If you want this type of tool write a plain and simple version like Try Redis or MongoDB Browser Shell, won't be much effort and offers everything that you can do to question your database.