Im considering supplying url shortening services for my website. will it be better to achieve the links inside a subdomain or area of the domain?


world wide

well, whether it's an HTTP 301 redirect from short hyperlink to lengthy url then it doesn't matter. a HTTP 301 redirect always encourages the prospective url (inside your situation this is actually the lengthy url). if one makes an HTTP 302 redirect (not suggested) then you definitely promote the beginning point (short URL) as well as in this situation it might be better to achieve the url shortener like a subdirectory as a connect to your short url would (propably) count like a election for the domain (rather than another domain (sud domain == another webproperty)).

If you're speaking about permitting individuals to link from your site with other websites, I'd certainly choose, as google goodies subdomains as different sites.

Google may punish sites connecting to problematic sites if you put it under, it shouldn't affect world wide - Subdomain OR world wide - Area of the domain

Not matter you need to shorten your url link or build your website Search engine optimization better. Subdomain will always be the very first choice for this.

Google consider subdomain like a different sites. Incidentally, subdomain will let your url link become shorten if match up against an element of the domain. Which is certainly great for Search engine optimization. So, using the subdomain is definitely the best option :)

If you wish to pass authority and backlinks for your site, use /lskdjfsldk. If you wish to ensure that it stays separate, make use of a subdomain. As pointed out by another user, subdomains are thought separate sites, so that they will not help or hurt your primary URL.