I have got a database that will store profiles about people. These people have about 50 possible fields.

Some are typical such things as, name, surname, email, telephone number.

Other medication is such things as hobbies, abilities, interests

Some are height, weight, skin tone.

All these groups are utilized through the system at different occasions. When it comes to having the ability to negotiate with the database I would rather have 7 tables all of 8 fields. What's best practice to complete?

EDIT: The information will probably be utilized in a internet search engine, for locating profile matches. Performs this affect things i am doing?

It's tough to say, and is dependant on exactly what the application requires. I'd tell consider Database Normalization because it will highlight how you can normalize the database and for the reason that it will reveal what you would like to separate out to their own tables etc.

From what you've referred to I'd certainly break that into multiple tables. I wouldn't split with an arbitrary quantity of posts though, rather attempt to think about logical collections of posts that either constitute an entity or match the access designs you are likely to be using hitting the information