Could it be considered better practice to keep an initial_title along with a last_title by 50 percent separate posts?

or would storing in 1 column be ok?

Known only to you that, really. It is dependent if you are ever gonna need to get individuals areas of the title out individually.

Storing name and surname in one column is not a reversible operation (in "Betty May Johnson", is "May" area of the surname or even the name?)

Also, what different cultures will you be coping with? Not everybody in each and every culture even has two names -- begin to see the Wikipedia article on Family names to know the can of earthworms you might be opening :)

Generally, I am accustomed to systems storing given and family title individually, which provides you with more possibility to manipulate that data later, however I deal mainly having a single, fairly small physical region where people are utilized to being requested a forename and surname. Also, the systems I run need to find people according to their loved ones title (simpler if you're able to index another column) and send letters to individuals beginning "Dear Miss Cruz...")

You may even be thinking about whether you'll need a "preferred" title -- i'm "Matthew", for instance, however i much prefer being known as "Matt". And you will find lots of people preferring others to make use of among their middle names when addressing them. Whether you have to capture a frequent title along with a "real" title will rely on your needs...

Personally I'd begin with two posts, presuming a reasonably normal, British-speaking cultural prejudice. It's very little code/storage overhead, and you will easily become just one column later if you discover some pressing reason.

Sure, make certain you can cope with the german minister of defense, last factor you would like would be to result in a scene using the military since your code can't cope with his full title...

Karl Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Frederick Sylvester Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg, and you know what? His "surname" is von und zu Guttenberg. He isn't a 1-off situation either. P Luca is really a family title, separated with a space.

I've got a grandmother, as well as in Hungarian custom, a surname is really your given title. Sztaki Helen is her proper full title, except her brother may be known as Sztaki Fred, her father named Sztaki Greg. An identical factor is available for my Chinese friend Dai Wai, where Dai can also be his family title.

Because it works out, names are damn confusing. Rather than researching and planning its these various rules just to determine what someone's known as, particularly when you base them back of "name" and "surname" (Don't call my grandmother Mrs. Helen, that's her given title not family title), take a step back and consider the reason why you really have to collect all of this private information about me.

I'd just totally take your breath away by explaining that does not all cultures sort names alphabetically either, or they even do not have a roman alphabet, but allows not visit at this time.

Would you really need my own information? Most likely not. In some instances you'll, in many... you do not. Don't request for this.

Should you really really do require it, request for Sur Title and Given Title(s). Store it as being two posts.

Two separate posts is nearly always better.

You could compute the entire title from two separate posts. It's harder to separate the title (given two word last names, middle names, suffixes, etc) from one column.

Personally I'd store them individually as possible handle the information a great deal simpler. Also, let's say the individual includes a space within their title or accidentally puts it and also you want only a 1st or 2nd title, how ill you determine 1st or 2nd names in the event that happens?


Also, if you wish to store more in depth names, I'd create a whole selection of posts for Prefix, First, Middle, Last and whatever you can think about.

Is dependent on what you would like related to it but personally I'd use seperate posts and perhaps one more one for title, eg Mr, Mrs etc. You'll be able to easily take out name, surname, full title, full title with title, surname with title etc to match your requirement.