I'm attempting to use PEAR classses.

After i check phpinfopear path is within master value , although not in Local value. What's the difference?

How do i check pear is enabled or otherwise?

In php 5.3 Phar and pear are same or otherwise?

If anyone can offer a simple program to check on that can include pear class and dealing fine is going to be great

PHAR (PHP archive) is just a method to deploy php application within an aged form. PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) does not have anything related to that.

The actual value may be the one that's occur php.ini whereas the neighborhood value may come out of your vhost config, .user.ini (in PHP 5.3) as well as be set because of your own script using ini_set.

PEAR courses are plain PHP code and you don't have to install anything to be able to rely on them. PEAR supplies a command line installer that can take proper care of installing all needed stuff, dependencies and all sorts of, but it is essentially an investment.

I suppose that you would like to include your PEAR directory towards the include_path directive so PEAR code really works (PEAR makes heavy utilization of it when including files). That can be done using the set_include_path() function. Should you run phpinfo() to determine current values, you need to begin to see the system-wide default value within the Master column as well as your local alterations in the Local column.

As about PHAR, this is an archive format to bring along PHP code.