What's distinction between Ruby and Ruby on Rails? OK, I understand that Ruby on Rails is really a Web application framework that's built around the scripting language Ruby.

Why exist choices on godaddy.com to select hosting for Ruby and hosting for Ruby on Rails?
Will it be exactly the same to place hosting for C# as well as for asp.internet?

You should check it here

Well I'd guess it is a marketing factor/trick so far as GoDaddy can be involved.

You will find other frameworks designed in Ruby besides Rails, Sinatra for instance, and you will perfectly write your internet programs without framework (your personal server, does exactly the thing you need it to complete).

Although, all that, including Rails, could be named Ruby hosting.

Krule's around the money. The main difference is from a language along with a framework. Ruby, the programming language, may be used to support a variety of web and application frameworks.

By their wording, it's reliable advice it's much more of an advertising and marketing reason while using ruby on rails buzz word.

Apart from that it might mean default support for the necessary tools for common ruby on rails development situations.