What's domain logic? The Wikipedia page for domain logic redirects to business logic. Could they be exactly the same factor, and, otherwise, how can they differ?

The domain is what you're modelling.

If you're modelling a company problem, those are the same factor.

If you're modelling another thing, physics for example, there's most likely no enterprise logic in your body, however the physics parts continue to be domain logic.

Domain may be the world the application lives in. So if you're focusing on say a flight ticket reservation system, the applying domain could be flight bookings.

Business Logic however is really a more discrete block from the entire Application Domain. Business Logic is generally a chuck of code created to perform one specific business process. Which means you might have business logic to consider a reservation. Some other little bit of business logic could be code to refund canceled tickets.

The objects that support your company process then become the perfect business objects!

Business logic specific to 1 particular area/specialization.

Domain logic is applicable towards the problem domain, e.g. "order processing". Domain logic is in regards to the organizations you train with (the item model), as well as their associations.

Business logic consists of rules specific for your context, e.g. "orders from clients of group X should be processed using discount Y when exceeding amount Z". Business "logic" is all about encoding details regarding your business (or even the business from the customer who uses this program).

  • Business logic can be involved with matching valid interactions between view and model (ui and data).
  • Domain Logic is all about keeping an internally consistent model representation on sides from the application (client and server).

My domain is pharmaceutical. It deals in compartments, doses, differential equations, and statistics. If you wish to call that my "business", i quickly guess it's "business logic".

The Business Logic relates to:

Any logic or association between organizations within the Domain.

Just how does students connect with a category or perhaps a Student. How's a brand new Class produced and just how would you Register students for your Class

Anything related to business rules, identifying final results, services, occasions, processes, information, transformation and related data manipulations/creation.

I've discovered it difficult to find good books/instructors to assist structure domain logic. It's not hard to structure the domain. But domain logic appears in my experience a location nobody wants to visit.

Business logic is teleological (worried about how you can achieve a goal) while domain logic is ontological (what is available, or even the object model that's accustomed to reason with)