What's WordPress' Full URL for Multisite? Can there be even this type of concept? I'm mentioning to full notation counterparts of the pattern:

  • .http://www.website.com/blog_1/lang/publish_222/
  • .http://www.website.com/blog_2/lang/publish_333/
  • .http://www.website.com/blog_3/lang/publish_444/

Are these processed or transformed into something similar to these? I'd assume that they're and so i requested the question.

  • .http://www.website.com/index.php?param=/blog_1/lang/publish_222/
  • .http://www.website.com/index.php?param=/blog_2/lang/publish_333/
  • .http://www.website.com/index.php?param=/blog_3/lang/publish_444/

Some Background:

I am have to it to do URL spinning using NGINX which includes the subsites' names (blog_1, blog_2, blog_3). Such as this:

Browser URL: .http://www.website.com/p/news/publish_444/ -> After sales URL: .http://www.website.com/blog_news/p/publish_444/

I can rewrite the URL if this reaches NGINX but to obtain the consequence of the "new" URL, I'm able to either perform the following:

  1. proxy_pass. But this will trigger another request, buffer it within the NGINX machine and serve it back because the reaction to the initial request.
  2. Pass your blog title and parameters to some WordPress index file e.g. /index.php?param=/blog_title/etc/.

I'd appreciate any help or any advice you are able to share.

Thanks greatly!

I recognized that things i was asking isn't something that's revealed by designers as it may pose a burglar risk. It may be something that's not ideal to make use of since the new versions of Wordpress may change approach etc.

Regarding my situation, I simplified the URL pattern. I removed the /lang/ area of the Web addresses and re-named the WordPress blogs in order to minimize the spinning. This solution needed me to 301-redirect that old designs so they won't affect Search engine optimization-ranking.

I am only maintaining British content now so it is a good enough solution for the time being. But eventually, I'll require a more versatility when I have to serve converted content.