So I am learning Rails and that i made the decision to look at my cheap hosting choices on GoDaddy, as well as their versions seem like this. Are the GEMs relevant inside a normal Rails application (determining that liberally), or is only the Rails version? My prediction is that's could be actionpack and rails, possibly?

If it's only the Rails version, GoDaddy is applying 1.1.2 and I am running 2.2.2. This is actually the same situation just like the ActionPack. What is a developer to complete?

a) downgrade for their version from the GEMs and learn how to develop against individuals?

b) develop for that new versions from the GEMs since many stuff does not change much anyway?

c) Quit. Hosting that is shared can be a joke, if you wish to host rails applications you'll want a minimum of an online Devoted Server somewhere?

d) Something I did not think about, and that's why I am asking this to begin with?

I would observe that, if c may be the answer, that's pretty annoying because for ASP.Internet hosting that is shared essentially works with no hitch.

I personally use Dreamhost, which often has got the most current gems (right here.)

Otherwise, you need to have the ability to vender your gems and Rails. The vendored versions should override whatever is a component of the machine.

You are able to bundle all of the gems you'll need within the vendor directory, including rails itself.

See there for any complete explanation.