I don't have root accessibility site site.com however i get access to a subdomain me.site.com

I add a catalog.perl (or any file as well as folder for your matter) towards the root folder (public_html) of the subdomain but each time I attempt to visit me.site.com/index.php I recieve rerouted to www.site.com

The .htaccess file within this subdomain is presently blank.

Why might this be happening?


I am afraid that .htaccess in subdomain folder can't override the .htaccess in root, and right now the .htaccess inside your root folder is current affecting the subdomain, that redirects all visits towards the subdomain to root. Suppose .htaccess out of your subdomain folder redirect visits towards the directory itself and .htaccess from root also redirects visits to subdomain to the main itself, that's destined to be chaos.

Well, that is what I consider it for me. Perhaps you have attempted getting in touch with the one that own root folder to think about relating to this?