i wish to deploy my django project, what's best (on performance) of those 2 deployment methods:

  1. Django-On-Twisted

  2. apache mod_wsgi

i understood that mod_wsgi was suggested by django designers however i feel twisted is much more efficient when running multiple django instance.

As continues to be stated, the server deployment setup will not function as the bottleneck at this time, however still feel there's certainly value in picking and learning something now which you are more prone to keep using later on.

This recent benchmark produced lots of discussion:


Browse the comments along with the amounts to be able to obtain a sense of how benchmarks never show the entire picture.

For any web server Personally, i would select from Nginx and Cherokee. They are both very lightweight and scale much better than Apache. Nginx is much more commonly supported wheras Cherokee is much better recorded and it has a glossy admin (making things simpler to determine initially but harder to script).

For any WSGI server I love uWSGI since it appears performant and that i obtain the feeling it's a lot of the city behind it. uwsgi is well based on both Cherokee and Nginx.

Hope that can help :> Tell us what you opt for.