let me know concerning the best database connectivity support library framework for c c++

Are you currently searching for something similar to OTL?

If you opt to use Postgres as Datbase, It offers libpq - C Library, The industry excellent library.

libpq may be the C application programmer's interface to PostgreSQL. libpq is some library functions that permit client programs to pass through queries towards the PostgreSQL after sales server and also to get the outcomes of these queries.

Take a look at SQLAPI++. Mix-platform, mix-db and relatively simple to use and integrate.

Although it's a couple of eccentricities the best is SOCI.

It enables you to definitely easily apply SQL queries to Postgres, MySQL, Oracle and Sqlite backends (amongst others). The correct answer is portable and it has a reasonably modern design. Suggested!

You should check Debea - SQL Access and ORM for C++