I recognize it has flame potential, please refrain. That being stated, I am thinking about what databases individuals have combined with Grails. What positive encounters and what horror tales are available?

I really like MySQL, but you will find a couple of significant bugs which are affecting me between Hibernate and MySQL, particularly because it relates to index creation. And So I guess my real question is really, what's the most stable database for integration with Grails? Or what database has got the fewest bugs regarding Grails?

Or what database has got the largest use along with Grails? I additionally understand that these questions are somewhat orthogonal and opposing. Anyway, Let me open it up as much as discussion.

As Gregg stated, this can be a hibernate question - Grails does all it's DB interaction via that (aside from any custom SQL you are writing).

The only issue you may hit is by using the GORM DSL not properly creating any tricky hibernate mappings you need for the DB (particularly if it is a legacy one). But GORM is fairly mature nowadays and that i personally haven't hit any issues recently.

We run MySQL being produced on the public web application and contains been fine. We have also used 'enterprisey' applications on the top of Oracle that also went well except for a few difficulties with id generator configuration basically recall properly. However I think individuals happen to be fixed within the latest Grails version.

To sum up, opt for your stomach feel according to previous knowledge about hibernate.



I personally use Hibernate in enterprice applications since version 1. My own chart is

  1. Oracle: fast stable large amount of dba knows it and hao to tune performace backup copies finish so
  2. SQLServer: just like above (but a lot slower as Oracle)
  3. DB2: not too simple to use with hibernate(I acquired several difficulties with date and char datatype)
  4. MySQL: not too simple to manage or find professional support (might be different for you personally) but Hibernate stuff is effective.