I've got a Hosting which does not support SQL server or other databse since it is cheap. I understand that you will find some Dll by which we are able to increase project and employ it because the database.

I wantto realize that which is the greatest? and it is there every other solution to utilize a database inside a Hosting which does not support any type of Database? (don't tell that you could usefile-base database, cause I do not enjoy it)

You could utilize SQL Server Compact Edition, or SqlLite having a .Internet provider (like that one: System.Data.SQLite).

Best may be subjective, but Microsoft SQL Server Compact 4. or Sqlite

SQL Server Compact Edition 4 was up-to-date make it possible for:

  • Enabled to operate within the medium or partial trust conditions within the web servers, and can be simply used together with the web site towards the 3rd party internet hosting service companies.

FireBird is another sensible choice. Find out more about this.

Just what good embedded database to make use of with C#?

There's an sql server compact editon for those who have no use of an information base server. Also should you host does not support databases you will get located databases from another provider. Another extremely popular DBMSless choice is Sql light which i've utilized in c and am certain that someone has extended to make use of in c#.

I'd take SQLite over SQL Compact Edition in notime.

So, for small applications, I usually opt for SQLite.

You've got a good (maybe the very best) library for C# here too, use a small application to see the database using SQLite Admin

It might appeal to you:

SQLite versus. SQLCE versus. ? inside a Mobile Application


SQL CE, SQLite. Do you know the variations together?

It is best to Db4o (Database for objects): http://world wide web.db4o.com

This is an object-oriented database and delay pills work like no bodies business because it store objects rather than tables and rows, that might be the ideal choice for you personally as it'll free you of making an information access layer, object-relational mapping and thus.

Anyway, I'll tell you just how if you are likely to host data for many multi-user application, some of possible solutions will be a bad choice because you will have great performance issues.

I am using SqlLite and pleased with it. It really works greatly even just in least expensive shared web hostings.