I've got a large directory which I have to upload to an alternative host's server, but because I have not moved this type of large directory (32GB), I'm wondering whether there's something I am missing.

Now, I'm presuming that the easiest way would be to compress it right into a zip file, upload towards the server after which extract. But for whatever reason, my zip file continues to be about 32GB!

I've already tried to start uploading the files and contains literally been taking about 30 hrs to merely upload about 3GB! Clearly this really is too lengthy, and so i wondered whether there's a much better method this?


Speed of upload is dependent upon your online connection speed. Try to look for different location with faster connection speed. It may be your projects, school or internet caffee.

You can look at your upload speed here: http://speedtest.internet/

Pack everythink into large zip file, upload it there, unpack remotely. It's faster then uploading file by file with ftp.