I installed the database asp.net Membership but I wish to request what's best practice here must i make use of the aspnet_Users table like a primary table for Website user or should create new user table to keep the web site customers login information and password ??

Based on my understanding aspnet_Customers tables would be the simplest and finest option should you already not getting tables for user management

The produced aspnet_Customers table provides you with a fast out-of-the-box option, and you will also employ it across multiple programs. I have tried personally this before and contains offered me well.

I have not used the aspnet_Customers table even once during my entire career like a software developer, senior software developer and today present software architect. I believe that virtually sums this up.

In my experience using asp.net membership provider is really a simpler and safer way. Also it consists of in build method that may use. If we have to Implement a Custom Membership User additionally, it possible.