I have to localize our website to numerous languages. The website includes several static pages, no dynamic after sales. You will find there's nice worldwide community and also the people will be ready to allow us to.

The issue is how you can arrange website translation, what's the right workflow?

Do you know the guidelines for static website localization? How you can organize language strings bundles? How you can organize a workflow from string bundle to production web-page?

Can you really arrange translation inside a wiki way, where several translators could translate a string bundle at the same time?

You could utilize something similar to 99translations.com. Open a project there and request your community to assist with translation. For instance this is the way the men at smartgwt made it happen

I believe this has two distinct parts.

Technical: because it is a pure static site without any dynamic content, the translations is going to be provided in static pages too. If you are running Apache, the mod_mime module allows you add language suffixes to file for names, to ensure that you may have mypage.html.en, mypage.html.fr, etc. - cf: http://httpd.apache.org/paperwork/2.2/mod/mod_mime.html. Other web servers might offer similar options.

Organisational: the workflow for website translation is really a completely different matter a Wiki or Content management systems may be useful here, but they're a minimum of hard to understand completely with static pages. If language string bundles, resource files and so on are associated with a help, is dependent in your content, and often should create pages dynamically. Which workflow you are able to support and keep, largely is dependent in your (your organisations) ability to handle it.

For me, this issue warrants a far more thorough analysis to obtain a acceptable solution.

in a nutshell:

  1. Can you really arrange translation inside a wiki way? obviously, you will find lots of free Content management systems ( Content System Management ) that this meet your needs!

  2. Do you know the guidelines for static website localization? there's no best practicse for static website! since you've got a community you have to use dinamic content, to your requirements static website is bad practicse itself!

  3. what's the right workflow? Separate your sights out of your logic, Don’t use machine translation, Don’t concatenate strings...etc

Hope this help!