Basically have two domains:

and say I have got another following domain:

What is the "best" redirect (will i use permanent etc...?) I wish to claim that may be the "correct" website.

(naturally, these are merely good examples)

If you wish to state that "it is best to visit foo rather than bar," you'll need a 301 redirect (that you simply use your front-finish server). See http://world wide owners/bin/

A 302 (temporary) redirect ought to be used in instances where you cannot serve a webpage, but expect it to return later. Regrettably, it is the redirect that you will get from JSP forward.

A customer-side (meta refresh or javascript) redirect ought to be prevented whenever you can.

Edit per comment: here is a connect to the Apache paperwork for setting up a lasting (or temporary) redirect:

<VirtualHost *:80>



    ServerAlias world wide

    RedirectMatch permanent ^/(.*) http://world wide$1


The Three domain names (world wide web and non-world wide web) will 301 redirect for your primary domain world wide