So essentially, paper functionality doesn't work automatically in Joomla but I have fixed by using some code modifications. However, this functionality is just obtainable in the articles. I've got a blog component and I have to result in the print button obtainable in your blog records too

Does anybody knows the code with this? Or knows the files I have to edit?

Thank You ahead of time.

Paper functionality is basically loading your page with &tmpl=component put into the URL. This request variable informs Joomla to load the page, only using the output from <jdoc:include type="component" />. The modules and also the relaxation from the template get hidden.

For that icon, the com_content component is really having its own assistant library in components/com_content/assistants/icon.php. You are better off using line 145 from that file:

JHTML::_('', 'printButton.png', '/images/M_images/', NULL, NULL, JText::_( 'Print' ) );

This can create the <img /> tag for that printer icon.