This really is most likely a n00blike (or worse) question. But I have always seen a schema like a table definition inside a database. This really is wrong or otherwise entirely correct. I do not remember much from the database courses.

A relation schema may be the logical meaning of a table - it defines exactly what the title on the table is, and exactly what the title and kind of every column is. It's just like a plan or perhaps a blueprint. A database schema may be the assortment of relation schemas for any whole database.

A table is really a structure with a lot of rows (also known as "tuples"), as both versions has got the characteristics based on the schema. Tables may also have indexes in it to assist in searching for values on certain posts.

A database is, formally, any assortment of data. Within this context, the database will be a assortment of tables. A DBMS (Database Management System) may be the software (like MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc) that handles and runs a database.

schema : database : table :: floor plan : house : room

The bottom line is, a schema may be the definition for the whole database, therefore it includes tables, sights, saved methods, indexes, primary and foreign secrets, etc.

More about schemas:

In SQL 2005 a schema is a method to group objects. It's a container place the objects into. People can own this object. You are able to grant privileges around the schema.

In 2000 a schema was equal to a person. Now it's damaged free and it is quite helpful. You can throw all of your user procs inside a certain schema as well as your admin procs in another. Grant EXECUTE towards the appropriate user/role and you are finished granting EXECUTE on specific methods. Nice.

The us dot notation would go such as this:




This specific posting continues to be proven to connect with Oracle only and the phrase Schema changes when poor another DB.

Most likely the kinda factor to simply google up but fyi terms do appear to alter inside definitions the most annoying factor :)

In Oracle a database - is really a database. Inside your mind think about this because the documents and also the redo logs and also the bodily presence around the disk from the database itself (i.e. not the instance)

A Schema is effectively a person. More particularly it's some tables/procs/indexes etc possessed with a user. Another user includes a different schema (tables he/she is the owner of) however user may also use whatever schemas they've choose priviliedges on. So a database can include 100s of schemas, and every schema 100s of tables. You could have tables with similar title in various schemas, that are within the same database.

A Table is clearly a table, some rows and posts that contains data and it is found in schemas.

Definitions might be different in SQL Server for example, i am unaware of this.

In oracle Schema is a user under one database,For instance scott is a schema in database orcl. In a single database we might have numerous schema's like scott

Schemas consists of Databases.

Databases are members of a Schema.

So, schemas > databases.

Schemas consists of sights, saved procedure(s), database(s), trigger(s) etc.