What's the distinction between web application and website in asp.internet?
and when it possess a difference which most from every side?

thanks ahead of time ..

There's articles in MSDN which describes the variations:

Evaluating Site Projects and Web Application Projects

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Among the key variations is the fact that Websites compile dynamicly and make quickly devices, web applicaitons compile into one large set up.

The excellence between your 2 continues to be done away within vs2008.

It is dependent on what you're developing.

A content oriented website may have it content altering frequently along with a Website is much better for theat.

A credit card applicatoin has a tendency to have its data saved inside a database and it is pages and code change rarely. Within this situation its better to possess a Web application where deployment of devices is a lot more controlled and it has better support for unit testing.

If you wish to use Subversion, you're best by having an Application Project, as layed out here.