I'm a new comer to web design. Can anybody explain me what's the distinction between Wordpress and Ruby on Rails?

Which must i be utilising to produce this site?

I'm searching for website with very awesome GUI which may be getting high traffic.

Wordpress is really a PHP-based cms. Ruby on Rails is really a web application framework. They are two different things.

In either case, you will need to design your "very awesome GUI" yourself, neither is going to do GUIs for you personally.

Wordpress is really a cms &lifier blogging service. Ruby is really a web framework. If you're a new comer to web site design you ought to be utilizing a Content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal (best three). That can make your experience far better using their plug ins and modifications.

Wordpress is really a Content management systems system designed in PHP. RoR is really a development framework designed in Ruby. Both build sites, but Wordpress is much more of the blogging system that's had Content management systems functionality bolted on, while RoR can use a Content management systems and/or blog, but is not particularly meant for such.

Wordpress is really a Blog/Cms that's quite flexible. Has already been packed with a decent after sales for administration and it has a wealthy group of wordpress plugin to grow it's abilities ( http://wordpress.org, see extend for that plug ins)

Ruby on Rails is definitely an application framework, which means, you've all of the foundation to produce a web application, but you need to write yourself all of the code to handle this content (database creation incorporated)

For that "awesome GUI", you need to set it up yourself !