I lately bought a hosting plan from among the service companies. They offered a totally free domain-title in my experience and that i happily bought it.

Now I drenched to their user interface and set my files there after which my website grew to become on the internet and is working fine.

I observed yesterday that after I hit world wide web.domain-title.com or domain-title.com, the website shows properly. However I had believed that after i hit domain-title.com, it'll get rerouted to world wide web.domain-title.com which isn't happening. Also I just read in internet in which many people the two will vary.

I'm really confused regarding this. Are world wide web.domain-title.com and domain-title.com different? If so, how do you setup a redirect so that all domain-title.com demands redirect to world wide web.domain-title.com?

I should also know where will i setup the redirection ??