If you wish to develop against WordPress (i.e., possess a local instance running in your machine so that you can develop styles, get blogs and sites organized, etc.) and you are running Home windows in your development machine with IIS and SQL Server already installed, what's the easiest method to get it done?

I discovered a technique online which creates just a little "small" server on Home windows running cases of Apache and MySQL however they did not advise utilizing it on the machine with IIS already installed. Clearly you could install Apache and MySQL and get it done this way but given what Home windows offers you (i.e., techniques of running PHP in IIS - I believe Home windows Server 2008 is even enhanced with this), would be that the easiest way? Exist methods to run WordPress with SQL Server because the after sales? (I would not think so but I decided to throw that available).

And therefore are there techniques varying around the version of Home windows (i.e., XP, Vista, Vista64)

Since you are looking at developing for Wordpress I highly recommend you apply the most typical Wordpress setup: Apache, PHP and MySQL.

You are able to run Apache and IIS simultaneously (I've IIS listening on port 81 and Apache on 80) or run only individually (create 2 softball bat files to beginOrquit the servers while using internet start/stop command).

You should use IIS, PHP, MySQL to operate Wordpress but you will find some subtle variations that may drive you crazy or create problems whenever you deploy on Apache.

You are able to certainly run IIS and Apache on a single box. We all do it presently with Documentum/Apache and IIS on a single server. Just pick a variety of addresses for just one web server - 808x for Apache for instance.

Opt for using Thinstall from VMWare where one can virutalize a whole application - registry, .Internet and all sorts of - distribute like a single .EXE. We all do this let's focus on packaging programs that do not play well together. You might like to virtualize Wordpress/Appache/MySql and hang an IP (808x) for your configuration. By doing this you are able to move this to the server with IIS and will also play well with various designs.

Install PHP, run Wordpress in IIS. Install MySQL which may be run side-by-affiliate with MSSQL. The only real factor you'll miss using IIS over Apache is mod_rewrite for more attractive Web addresses.

Avoid running IIS and Apache on a single machine if whatsoever possible. IIS loves to bind to any or all available Insolvency practitioners obstructing Apache from binding for an IP, which you'll circumvent if required, but it is not immediately obvious what is happening.

I have been running this setup for a long time.

I run XAMPP on the thumbdrive and install WordPress (usually multiple cases of it) on the website. I Quickly launch XAMPP when I am likely to focus on Wordpress development.

EDIT: this setup does require that IIS be stopped once the XAMPP server is running (or some byzantine configuration miracle that I have never bothered to determine. Because most of my own needs for local IIS development are addressed by the Visual Studio built-in demonstration of IIS, which could run side-by-affiliate with XAMPP, I rarely have make use of other things, but that most likely will not work with everybody.