I've got a table on access database A (store more 60.000 records), that we must import right into a table on another Access database B.

At first, table on Access database B stores 3000 records from table on Access database A.

The access database A is handled by another program, and it might be best basically weren't required to makes changes into it, I simply can open it up and obtain data. I want import up-to-date records and new records from table around the access database A to gain access to database B.

  • Every single day database A convey more 100 new records plus some update records, I have to import them into database B ultimately during the day. I want do instantly.

  • The brand new records is simple to find but what about update records ? With update record I have to add like a new row in database B, not change any rows in database B.

It is possible to better method of doing this, possibly utilizing an ODBC connection or something like that else?

Help me ! Thanks and sincerely.

Have a look at this microsoft web page

The fundamental steps are

  1. Make sure the fields and data types within the two tables are compatible e.g. data in fields are transferable
  2. Attach remote table in Database B from Database A
  3. Run an append query to transfer the records
  4. Make sure it labored e.g. no error messages, correct quantity of records etc.
  1. In database B, Right click->Link tables.
  2. Choose your database.
  3. Choose your table(s) of great interest.

Your database B has become "linked" towards the data in database A. Now use a "union" query or whatever you love to mix it with data saved inside your database B table. On top of that, this does not require any changes to database A.