Exploring around S3's UI, it appears they merely enjoy file uploads from the local box. It is possible to method to push the files from my production server for an s3 account?

I'd done massives upload using the s3fox add of opera.

As is available labeled your question ruby-on-rails I'll suggest the AWS::S3 gem. I personally use it myself copying daily MySQL database dumps from the production server to S3 (blog entry with the details if you are interested).

Amazon . com does not provide a pull service for FTP to S3, and that i haven't seen other people advertising one either. (It isn't a dreadful business idea though.)

That getting been stated, you will find a lot of tools to assist with this particular!

Many people use something similar to s3fs using their favorite backup utility (ie, cron + rsync).

Recently, I have had positive results with boto plus some custom Python scripts. The main reason I love the reason being it combines nicely with whatever other services you are running around the box, and provides status updates.

Hope that can help!