I have to develop a simple change log for my application.

I've two tables: Store and Item.
I wish to log every time a user updates information on store / item, and every time a user produces / removes a connection between item and store. (A person can connect a product with multiple stores).

The reason is perfect for who owns that item, to determine that has done any changes to that particular item.

What's the easiest way to do this? I am attempting to stay away from an elaborate logging system (since it may be a overkill).

I am wishing will be able to avoid by hand calling a function every time a user clicks a control button - because i quickly can easilly forgett to include that function for any button. So some type of automatic logging according to user action could be sweet :)

I am building my application in PHP using Wordpress as Framework.

To begin with, wordpress is Content management systems, not framework.

Second, when user does an action that you would like to log, just call a function you produced for your purpose, which saves action to txt/xml/database. A couple of call are essential, not plenty.

The amount of occasions you are making the phone call should not be that lots of (and you ought to be familiar enough with your personal codebase) that you ought to have the ability to create a simple function like log($user,'action','related') which stores that data in both plain text or perhaps in a similarly defined database table.