I am unsure if this sounds like technically an internet service or otherwise but I've got a Expensive file that periodically needs to create a round visit to a DB. Because it stands, AS3 uses the URLLoader class to switch XML by having an ASP.Internet/VB file around the server. The aspx code then would go to the DB and returns whatever details are asked for to the Expensive file.

As my program develops and I have to perform bigger number of tasks around the server, I am wondering basically must keep placing functions for the reason that same aspx file and specify in AS3 which function I ought to load for just about any given task. OR, is it more beneficial to interrupt up my functionality into a number of different aspx files and call the right apply for the job?

What are the apparent benefits and drawbacks either to method which i should think about?

(note: I've invest of VB functions around the aspx pages as opposed to the code behind files because I had been getting trouble being able to access the i/o stream in the code behind.)



When you're saying you have to execute quite a number of tasks you need to consider smashing the code lower into multiple files. Though this can't be clarified generally and also the option would be always specific towards the problem this may help:

Good reasons to keep all code in a single file around the server side:

  • Code for various tasks heavily is dependent on one another
  • Effort for separating the duties into files is simply too high
  • The rangeOrdepend of various tasks is workable
  • You're the only developer
  • Every tasks works correct and it is fail safe (Being that they are all-in-one file I suppose one error will break all tasks)

Good reasons to separate tasks into different files:

  • The file gets too large, unreadable and unmaintainable
  • Different tasks shouldn't rely on one another (Separation of concerns)
  • You will find multiple designers focusing on different tasks
  • Many new tasks is going to be added
  • An activity could contain errors and cannot break almost every other task

That's all I'm able to think about at this time. You'll sure find more causes of yourself. As stated I'd separate the duties when i think your time and effort isn't excessive.