What's the least expensive method to deploy or host an ASP.Internet MVC application? Any shared hostings? To just a little toy application which I'll pay from my very own pocket. Nothing entreprisy, the cheaper the greater.

Any hosting that is shared that supports ASP.Internet 3.5 should manage to hosting your ASP.Internet MVC applications. You need to simply deploy these DLLs in bin directory:

  • System.Web.Mvc.dll

Just in case it's this is not on .Internet 3.5 SP1:

  • System.Web.Abstractions.dll
  • System.Web.Routing.dll

Obviously, to have the ability to use extensionless Web addresses, your host should support IIS7 Integrated mode or riding time a wildcard map (or else you can email them and request these phones add it for you personally). Otherwise, nothing prevents you against using .aspx Web addresses when they did not agree. Just alter the routing table records to something similar to:

routes.MapRoute("Default", ".aspx//",

                           new )

Hosting and implementing are two various things, but when you are speaking about hosting Hosting Company support all of the new ASP.Internet platforms including MVC and also have plans that start at $5.00 per month. I am sure it is really not much to spend of the pocket.

I run my dev/pre-production ASP.Internet MVC sites on Godaddy's Home windows virtual server website hosting. They likewise have cheap hosting that is shared, which begins at $5/month. I've not attempted their hosting that is shared however i trust the organization because they have good 24/7 phone support (I simply wish they'd eliminate everything annoying/annoying graphics on the site).

I have used ASP.Internet MVC applications on DiscountASP.internet before - relatively cheap, and pretty simple to do. They've Home windows 2008 servers therefore the routing works as they are.

I haven't used a MVC application yet however for me it had been exactly the same. I had been searching for an inexpensive hosting site but still was good.

The main one I discovered is ReliableSite.Internet

It is inexpensive and good. They can throw a totally free MS SQL 2005 database(1 GB- Extra DB costs $1) the other places charge $10/Month and provide you with less then 500MB of space.

I've found Reliable doesn't nickle and dim you for every factor and provides inexpensive price points and also have great coupons.

Such as this coupon for 15% off for existence: "aspforum"

I think they support Asp.internet MVC but simply email them rapidly to make certain when i haven't used my very own MVC project yet on the server and will not be till in regards to a month or 2.

Like people stated opt for Home windows 2008 since it can help with routing which is very little more.

*I didn't remember to say that you simply add limitless domain names on the website. What's especially great for hosting pet projects since you don't have to purchase a hosting package for each site. You will cover your requirements for your sites.

Have experienced relatively simple go from it w/ Godaddy on shared ("premium") server. Makes existence particularly easy if you opt for IIS7 with Integrated pipeline mode. Also, be sure to configure virtual director(ies) for application root while you are inside.

I favor Mocha host, they've all features for affordable prices... Take a look:

http://world wide web.mochahost.com/

Arvixe supports mvc. Not Costly, good service